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Silicone Washing Kit for Bottle

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Silicone Washing Kit for Bottle
Part No. BWK01


  • BWK01 can wash easily narrow neck of water bottle, thermos, baby bottle etc., and innovative and new kitchenware.
  • BWK01 has special acrylic kitchen loofah and it is separated and hygiene management.
  • BWK01 has no worry about harmful substance and EDC(Environment-disrupting chemicals)
  • BWK01 can wash bottles without direct hands.
  • BWK01 can wash clean to deep part of bottles.
  • BWK01 is soft and elastic, no wrist strength


  • Length : 390mm
  • Material :
    - Handle : Silicone/PP
    - Body : Silicone/Stainless
    - Tweezers : Silicone/Stainless
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