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Silicone Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board

Product Detail Information

Silicone Anti-Bacterial Cutting Board
Part No. CB001


  • CB001 can be folded easily and flexible
  • CB001 can eliminate harmful bacteria with sterilization in microwave, just 3 minutes.
  • CB001 can eliminate harmful bacteria with putting into boiling water.
  • CB001 has minimum scar of knife with hardness control.
  • CB001 has centimeter marking and it makes cutting accurately.
  • CB001, Convenient storage.
  • CB001, heat-resistance 240°C

│Product Features│

  • Enjoy Knife cutting with centimeter marking, with silicone anti-bacterial cutting board.

  • Fold It !
    It makes sterilization easily!!

  • You can eat unimaginable bacteria in general cutting board.
    Anti-Bacterial cutting board help your healthy life

  • How to Sterilize ?
    - 3 minutes in Microwave
    - Put into boiling water

    Eliminate Unimaginable bacteria on cutting board EASILY with cutting board


  • Length : 305 x 237 x 7mm
  • Material : Silicone